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Carlsbad Solar understands that investing in solar for home and business is essential. We are experts in this area will help guide you through the process of choosing what products are best for you while ensuring swift and efficient installation and service.

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We are a family owned and operated business specializing in residential and commercial installations.

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Lo' Vetta BOceanside Residential - 2018

In August, when I received a warning notice from SDG&E that my electricity bill was going to be more than I was willing to pay, I turned my AC off and began to look into solar for a second time. In the past three years I found trying to make a solar decision overwhelming. I've had other estimates and other companies here. I'm a senior citizen and a widow. Though I don't know a lot about solar, I do know when a company is trying to take advantage of me cost wise.

Justin, owner of Carlsbad Solar, took me in and treated me like his Mom. A day after I contacted him he was here to look at my roof and found the perfect place to install my solar panels. My home still looks beautiful and you can't see the solar panels from the street. He had the permit almost immediately after I signed an easy to understand contract. Fortunate for me, within a week the solar was on my roof and we were waiting on the city inspector.

I love the way Justin works. He makes it Simple to understand, he's extremely knowledgeable and made great decisions for me on technical things I don't understand. He's been right here for me every time I've had a question. He personally answered all my emails within and hour or so. I love that there are no menus to get through when you call, Justin. If there's a problem, he has someone on it right a way.

Very importantly, at least for us retired people, Justin saved me around $8,000 over other estimates I had and I believe I have a better system. I've received my first full month's bill from our friends at SDG&E. I owe nothing for electricity and have kWhs in reserve after only 1 month.

Carlsbad Solar looked into the future for me and installed enough solar panels to cover my needs if I should purchase an electric vehicle or add a hot tub. I'm a very particular person and want things done correctly and they must look good! I couldn't be happier with my experience with Carlsbad Solar. Everyone that worked here was respectful, knowledgeable, polite, and efficient at what they did. I would highly recommend Carlsbad Solar and my friend Justin.

WendyResidential - 2019

I got solar quotes from 5 different solar companies. Meeting Carlsbad solar was it for me! Justin looked me in my eyes and shook my hand. Told me the truth and did what he said he would do. Justin went above and beyond in customer service, explained everything as things moved along. Carlsbad Solar is a family owned business and hold true in what they say. It’s amazing what our panels are producing and I have room to add things if I want to. Justin took into account what we are using and what plans we have for the future. We received our first year’s bill from SDG&E and they owe us $140.00

Stephanie PResidential - 2019

Truly awesome company to work with. I did my research and received multiple bids for solar. Justin with Carlsbad Solar not only had the best prices, but their service level is outstanding. I just had 21 solar panels installed and I am up and running! Install was fast, 2-3 days. I work from home and I was able to continue working from home during the installation process. Justin and his team are very knowledgeable and they were able to answer all of my questions. I highly recommend them!! With all of the solar companies out there, I truly believe it comes down to the service level that is provided. Carlsbad Solar exceeded my expectations and I know that they will be there in the future to assist me with my system if there were ever any problems. All of the 5-star reviews they receive are definitely well-deserved!

B FarrResidential - 2017

After receiving multiple bids and comparing systems, I decided to go with Justin from Carlsbad Solar. He came highly recommended after installing solar on a friend's house (who received 8 bids!). Not only did he have the best price but Justin is a stand-up guy who gave me the confidence that he stands behind his work. Fast, quality install with aesthetics in mind. I love the system and highly recommend Justin and Carlsbad Solar!