Our family has been in the construction business for over half a century.

I am a third generation General Contractor and have a background in building Custom Homes from form to finish, starting at an age of just 4 years old working for my father.

Solar is just one of the many sophisticated home components that our company installs. Installing solar on the home is another upgrade and improvement to any part of a home, like installing new windows or doors. There are good window and door manufacturers, as there are good solar panel manufacturers. We are experts in all of these areas and will help guide you through the process of choosing what products are best for you and your home and will make the paperwork for your solar installation and net metering very easy.

Trust your solar installation with a Contractor with a good clean record and who has been in business longer than your warranty

We built custom homes and did remodeling in and around Yosemite, California until the early 90’s and have been in the San Diego area since 1993. With solar technology becoming more accessible in the recent years we have proudly been on the forefront of offering this service to our clients and and many years of knowledge and expertise in this field. 

We have plenty of happy clients in San Diego County who are more than happy to give us a reference. We would be honored to do business with you and are here to happily provide you with a free bid for your solar project.